Holiday Facts!

Theres a new board in the hall about thanksgiving and the native americans, as well as other cultures and how they celebrate.

Go learn more!



Feeling S.A.D?

With fall in full swing and winter just around the bend, now is a good time to talk about Seasonal Affective Disorder, a large mental health issue that affects many people in different ways. To learn more check out the new board in the hall!


Keep up to date

In the hallway there is a calendar dedicated to on and off campus events in the area. Need something to do? Need a break from school work? Stop by and check it out!

If you have an event you want posted stop by and let me know or give me a flyer. I will put it up right away!


Study Break!

Friday night was a lot of fun! 3rd and 4th floor got together in the 3 east lounge to play some Mario Kart and watch the Packer game. It was a great time to take a load off and take a break from all of the stressful studying that happens when the semester is in full swing.

Watch the calendar in the hall for more wing and hall events!